The Cognition Clinic’s mission is to help you

  1. more comprehensively understand the difficulties you encounter in your everyday life and
  2. use your strengths and abilities to make life work better for you.

This means that we see clients holistically, seeking to understand the specific contributors to your struggles, and providing you with more than a yes/no answer to a diagnostic question.

Standard Clinical Evaluation for ADHD


ADHD/mental health assessment focused on psychological evaluation

  • Step 1) Questionnaires will be emailed to you to fill out beforehand
  • Step 2) A 2.5-hour session at our clinic or via videoconference
  • Step 3) A feedback session to review your assessment report and discuss personalized recommendations

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment for ADHD


The Standard Clinical Evaluation PLUS cognitive and academic testing

  • Step 1) Questionnaires will be emailed to you to fill out beforehand
  • Step 2) A 2.5-hour clinical interview at our clinic or via videoconference
  • Step 3) A 3-4 hour session of cognitive tests at our clinic
  • Step 4) A feedback session to review your assessment report, test results, and discuss personalized recommendations

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment


We also provide assessments of learning disorders, autism spectrum disorder, concussion and brain injury, memory problems, dementia and neurodegenerative conditions, neurological disorders, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this be covered by my insurance?

    Most extended health insurance plans provide coverage for services provided by a psychologist. Please check with your insurance company for specific details about what your plan covers. Any unclaimed fees may be claimed as medical expenses on your income tax return. Psychological services are GST/QST exempt.

  • Is there a less expensive way to get ADHD testing?

    The process of getting an ADHD diagnosis is a bit odd compared to other medical diagnoses. Some family physicians are comfortable diagnosing ADHD on their own (during a regular doctor's appointment), but many will send you to go get a more in-depth assessment with a psychologist OR will refer you to a psychiatrist. Similarly, some psychiatrists will give a diagnosis following a brief assessment during an appointment, but in particularly tough cases, will also send you to get a more in-depth evaluation from a psychologist/neuropsychologist.

    Another difficult aspect of ADHD diagnosis is that an appointment with a psychologist will usually cost money because it is not part of the public healthcare system. There are some psychologists within the public healthcare system that do ADHD assessments, but the waitlist is extremely long. 

  • If I do have ADHD, how do I get medication?

    Once you have seen a psychologist, if they have diagnosed you with ADHD, you must still then go see a physician (family doctor or psychiatrist) who will be the one to prescribe medication and do follow-up appointments.

    Therefore, it is recommended that you attempt to book an appointment with a doctor (either your family doctor or through a clinic) before you even have an appointment with a psychologist for an assessment. Then, by the time you get an appointment with a doctor, you will either have a report from a psychologist or will at least be able to say that you have the assessment with the psychologist booked.

  • How do I know which assessment type to choose?

    In many cases, a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment is NOT necessary to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of ADHD in adults. However, if you have concerns about other learning difficulties (e.g. reading, writing, math), have experienced a head injury or concussion, or have significant difficulties with depression, then a complete neuropsychological assessment may be required.

    You may also wish to consider our comprehensive assessment if you would like to know more about your own profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This can help us provide you with more individualized recommendations and compensatory strategies, whether or not you have a specific diagnosis.

  • Do I need a referral from a doctor?

    No, you can email directly, no referral is needed.

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